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Client Testimonials

I was tired of being unhealthy, I didn’t have energy, I was always tired and truly unhappy with my health/weight. I had tried so many fad diets in the past, nothing seemed to work or rather I didn’t have the motivation to make it work. I started looking at my options, gastric bypass seemed very invasive and I wasn’t sure that was the route I wanted to take. In my research I discovered the Orbera Gastric Balloon so I looked for providers in my area. I met with Tara at United Gastroenterologists, who gave me a lot of knowledgeable information. One of the benefits of having the procedure with United Gastroenterologists was the team at United Medical Fitness, from the dietician on staff to the personal trainers and kinesiologists. I had all the support I needed to be successful in my weight loss journey. I lost 50 lbs. on Orbera and have continued to maintain it through eating right and continuing to go to United Medical Fitness. I can’t say enough about the staff at both United Gastroenterologists and United Medical Fitness. A huge "Thank You" to Jennifer Sinclair, the Fitness and Weight Loss Director for checking on me regularly and motivating me to get in the gym on a regular basis.

Hope Romero

Obera + United Medical Weight Loss Patient
I have been working with Joseph at United Medical Fitness (UMF) for just about a month. I came to them frustrated with not being able to lose weight consistently or find a trainer that understood my specific challenges. I was looking for a place that wasn't trying to be a quick fix and UMF has been that place. I have PCOS and thyroid issues that impact my metabolism as well as severe arthritis in my knees, a dislocated toe, plantar fasciitis in both feet and Achilles tendonitis. In the past trainers would always offer the same exercises, which were squats and lunges to address my knee issues. I would get discouraged quickly because the pain was intense and I was somehow just suppose to push through. However, Joseph listened to my concerns and developed an exercise program that still challenges me, but doesn't leave me in horrible pain. And like many women I get stressed out by the scale and prefer measurements and monthly weigh-ins versus the weekly weigh-ins all of which Joseph has been great at accommodating. So far I am down 8 lbs. and 5" inches, which is far better results than I have gotten with other places. I look forward to Joseph's enthusiasm at every session and can't wait to see what we accomplish in the year ahead. I would absolutely recommend Joseph and United Medical Fitness team.

Krista Renga

United Medical Fitness Member
I had the Obera put in, the staff was so supportive and nice, Jennifer is a rock star! I have to say, the Obera worked extremely well!! I lost 52 lbs.!!

Kristen Lacombe

Orbera Patient

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